The Origin of the Kindred Spirits Care Farm Heartflower Logo

Kindred Spirits Care Farm is about encouraging compassion, cooperation and connection with animals, the earth and each other, but how on earth do we indicate that in a single symbol? 

After lots trial and error, we came up with our Fibonacci heartflower.  The flower is a set of interconnected hearts made from Fibonacci spirals.  This sounds simple enough, but there are a lot of levels of meaning wrapped up in this little flower.

First, there is the Fibonacci spiral itself.  Spirals in general are found throughout nature and are an indication of growth and movement.  The Fibonacci spiral is a special type of spiral based on the Fibonacci numbers and can be found in the petals on a flower, or the arrangement of leaves along a stem, certain sea shells, pine cones, sunflowers, etc.  The list goes on and on.  So, the Fibonacci spiral indicates a profound connection with nature and nature’s rhythms.

We paired mirror images of Fibonacci spirals to create a heart.  The heart shape is the universal sign for love and compassion. 

Next, we connected six of these heart shapes to create a hexagon.  The hexagon is another shape that is found all over nature.  Honeycombs are always hexagonal as are almost all snowflakes.    

So we have compassionate hearts made of special spirals connecting and cooperating to create something linked to nature and natural rhythms and is so much more than just the sum of its parts.  That is our Fibonacci heartflower.