Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Kindred Spirits Care Farm provides a caring home for rescued farm animals.  These animals, in turn, provide endless opportunities for visitors and volunteers to connect to other lives that have different forms, but very similar needs for love, safety, freedom of choice, and health.  The rescued animals help us learn patience, compassion and a renewed wonder with the miracles of other living beings.

The animals also provide a safe space for vulnerable individuals to come and be at peace in the presence of another.  Most of us, at one time or another, have felt the need to simply be with another without chatter.  Others have a story to tell that is too tender to speak to a person who might judge us or try to fix us or ignore us.  Animals do not judge us based on society’s values.  Animals judge us on whether or not we are gentle, safe, trustworthy and calm.  If we can offer these things to the animals, they offer their true hearts in return.  They don’t run off to meetings, dismiss us as childish or manipulate our pain to their advantage.  This is the healing they offer to those who are wounded.