Domino and his sister, Sweet Pea, were abandoned as a tiny babies in a muddy field.  Passersby saw them and brought them to safety.  Most of the time Domino just wants to be loved and he begs for attention with his flirty golden eyes, but sometimes he wants to play goaty games with people.  We are working with him to show him that people are not goats and that when he wants to play goaty games, he can play them with his sister.  He is a smart guy and is learning quickly.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea and her brother, Domino, were abandoned as a tiny babies in a muddy field.  Passersby saw them and brought them to safety.  She may have started out weak, miserable and hopeless, but now Sweet Pea is the queen of all she surveys.  She still occasionally wants to show visitors how strong she is and assert her authority as queen of the farm, but we are working with her to help her understand that consistent gentleness is the sign of  true strength.



Bill and his brother Ted were used as living lawn-mowers to clear brush from land, but were severely underfed and found themselves in need of rescue. Luckily, we were able to take both of them into the sanctuary where, with proper feeding and care, they are both thriving. Some goats are naughty and some are nice. Bill is in a class all his own. He is almost obnoxiously friendly and loving. He craves attention and never gets enough snuggling and loving. This boy is adored by the students and helps teach them that all animals are individuals and not commodities. If you come to visit beware, as Bill will follow you around, gazing longingly at you until you give him your undivided attention.


Just like his brother Bill, Ted was used for brush clearance. But since he wasn’t getting enough nutritious food to eat, he was in desperate need of rescue. A kind lady found out about Ted and arranged for him and his brother to stay at Kindred Spirits Care Farm. Now Bill and Ted continue their awesome adventure at the sanctuary hanging out with their sheep and human friends. He would love to have his own personal sponsor. Are you the one?