John R. Wooden High School

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In 2014 Kindred Spirits Care Farm was thrilled to make John R. Wooden High School (JRWHS) our first official project and location.  JRWHS is a continuation high school for at-risk kids in a low income area. The staff is extraordinary, dedicated and excited about all the benefits that Kindred Spirits Care Farm can bring to their kids.  The students loved their school-farm but didn't know how to make it thrive or leverage the space for education purposes.  We are more than happy to help.

We host tours, field trips and some really great educational events, and we are working with UCLA to create a high school curriculum based on farm activities.  You might be amazed how much science you can learn in a compost pile or a chicken coop.

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We are so thrilled to be a community partner with UCLA.  We have been able to work with several different professors teaching several different classes including:

  1. Food Justice with Kathy O’Byrne
  2. Civic Engagement with Lauren Willner
  3. Food: A lens on Environment and Sustainability with Andy Rice
  4. Philanthropy as Civic Engagement taught by Jennifer Lindholm

We are especially happy to be working with Amy Rowat PhD and the Office of Instructional Design who are helping us build a science curriculum based on farm activities.  This curriculum will be the first of its kind that we know of.


Canoga Park High School

Canoga Park High School is over 100 years old, has over 1,500 students and has a 1.5 acre farm on the grounds of the school.  We are working with them to transform their farm from an old fashioned agricultural area to one where compassion, sustainability and education go hand in hand.

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