Brigette and her sisters were fated to be served as somebody’s Thanksgiving dinner. Like so many turkeys each year, she grew up in a factory farm. While she was a young chick, the tip of her beak was burned off and the ends of her toes were amputated – all without anesthesia. But despite this traumatic start in life, Brigette ended up being lucky. She was part of a large turkey rescue operation. She and her sisters were 3 of the birds saved, and we were lucky enough to have them come live at Kindred Spirits Care Farm. At the farm she took some of her first steps in the fresh air and sunshine, learned how to dust bathe and discovered the joy of eating fresh greens. Now Brigette and her sisters enjoy their days exploring a large garden paradise that is just for them. Can you sponsor Brigette to help us show her all the wonders of her new life?


Emma profile.jpg

Just like her sisters, Emma grew up in a factory farm but through a happy twist of fate came to live with us as part of the 100 turkey rescue in 2018. In the factory farm, birds are crowded into the space so tightly that the have little room to move, stand or even turn around. At first, Emma and her sisters were a bit confused by all the space in their new garden. Everything was a new experience: the wind blowing through their feathers, the grass and dirt under their feet or seeing a bug crawl by. Emma and her sisters mostly sat still and observed at first – they had to build up the muscle to walk around and explore their new garden paradise. Another problem that Emma has to deal with is that like all commercialized turkeys, she was selectively bred to quickly gain weight to bring in the most money at the time of sale. Almost no commercially bred turkeys live past one year old, so no one worries about the consequence of this breeding. For Emma, we need to carefully control the amount of food she gets and supplement with fresh greens and veggies so that she will stay healthy. Won’t you help us make Emma’s life a long and happy one?


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Claire is the smallest of the three turkey girls that came to Kindred Spirits Care Farm from the 100 turkey rescue. But small is a relative term. Like all commercially bred white breasted turkeys, she was bred for optimum weight gain. This can put a heavy strain on her health. She needs soft bedding underfoot so that she does not damage the bottom of her feet. The extra weight she carries also puts more pressure on her heart and other organs. The result is that she and her sisters are more delicate that heritage turkey breeds. Claire needs to avoid major stressors like extremes of hot or cold temperatures, which can be fatal to her. We are constantly improving the garden and shed where our rescued girls are housed, so that we can provide the safest and healthiest living spaces for these poor birds who suffered so much in their early lives. Would you consider sponsoring Emma to help us give her the best life possible?