Astaire is our old man rooster. His legs and face show the years of neglect prior to coming to Kindred Spirits Care Farm.  When he first arrived, it seemed that the effects of the horrors of his past might cut his life short, but we were determined to do what we could to bring him back to health.  Astaire was as determined as we were and he recovered enough that we thought a hen friend might do him good.  Astaire might be an old man but boy that hen put some pep back into his step. Right away, he started dancing for his new lady friend Emerald.  When the daily fruits and veggies are handed out, he rushes over to point them out to her.  He won’t eat any until she is has had her fill.  Once she has walked away, then and only then, will he enjoy what goodies are left.  Astaire might need some special care for his old body, but we are happy to give him anything he needs. Please help us to give Astaire the best golden years possible by sponsoring him.  


Before Surgery

After Surgery

It was probably the huge tumor on Bubbles’ head that motivated her people to abandon her at the school one night.  In the morning, there she was with this crazy bump on her head.  We took her to the vet to see what could be done to help her. The vet fell in love with her immediately and offered to do the surgery to remove the tumor for just the cost of the anesthesia and supplies.  Sometimes people are just angels that way.  Bubbles now is tumor-free!  She came through surgery like a champ, and although she has a huge scar, she now has a life and a personality as big as a whale. She is the first to tell everyone to get out of her way if she smells treats. She has even chased a few bunnies off her loot. We believe every sentient being deserves a chance to live and thrive. Will you help Bubbles have a spunky life full of happiness and treats by sponsoring her? 



Like so many of our birds, Emerald was abandoned at the farm by a stranger in the night. She got her name from her green legs and as soon as our rooster, Astaire, met her she became the emerald of his eye. She is smart and inquisitive with a naturally independent and adventurous spirit.  Though she is quick on her feet, she seems to be enjoying the slower paced life that Astaire lives. They are truly a cute couple that will melt your heart if you have a few moments to sit with them and observe their personalities. Emerald would love a sponsor.  Do you have room in your heart for a pretty girl with emerald green legs and bright eyes?  

Goldi Girl

Goldi Girl was determined to be a mother against all odds.  She used to live in a pen with the bunnies, and she figured out that the people who came to collect her eggs every day could not find her eggs down the rabbit tunnel.  So, down she went, deep into the rabbit hole and laid her 6 precious eggs where no one could find them.  A few weeks later, she emerged triumphant with her 6 brand new babies right behind.  What a proud mama!  Since we do not allow breeding, we moved Miss Goldi Girl into a new pen with no bunny tunnels to hide in.  She will get to keep her 6 babies, but cannot make any more.  Would you like to support this dedicated mama?  Now that she is a mama, she needs your support more than ever.

Fire Roo

Fire Roo got his name because of his fiery neck feathers and his gorgeous comb. Although Fire Roo was born of the fighting breed of chickens, and he looks fierce in every way, he lives in peace with his hen sweetheart Sally.  He only becomes fierce when he thinks another rooster is showing attention to his sweetheart.  Sally was originally paired with a different rooster, but she fell hard for the handsome Fire Roo and she made her preference obvious to all.  Once they were together, both Fire Roo and his pretty girlfriend settled down to domestic bliss. His favorite treats are strawberries and watermelon. Would you like to ensure Fire Roo has a life full of delicious treats, and relationship bliss for the rest of his days by sponsoring Fire Roo?


Henry is an art piece.  How could so much color and beauty be contained in one creature? He was thrown over the fence one night as young lad and found a home with the bunnies and several hens. Now he is a happy gentleman with 4 hens of his own and 3 bunny buddies as well.  He loves to be held and cuddled, and will even give kisses to his favorite people. Are you the sponsor Prince Henry has been looking for?


Kate chicken 2.jpg

Kate is a complete crack up to watch.  She is so alert, curious and smart.  She seems to be seeing the world a bit differently than others.  Although her coloring is pretty standard for a game hen, she is one of the few hens who actually has spurs like a male.  We love that she is different and can show kids that being different can be a strength.  You don’t have to be like everyone else to be loved and valued. 


Patty was rescued from a slaughterhouse when he was only a few weeks old.  He was so small that he managed to cling inside the carrying crate when the rest of the baby chickens inside were dumped into the killing chute.  He was trapped in that crate for at least 24 hours without food or water when the rescuers spotted him. They convinced security to let them keep Patty, and they brought him to the farm. Now he spends his days in safety and sunshine, taking dust baths and eating vegetables from the garden. Patty teaches visitors at the farm about the horrors of factory farming, and gives hope to animal activists and rescuers. Will you help sponsor this this beautiful animal ambassador?



JB’s deformed beak tells the horrible truth of the mutilation she suffered as part of her initiation into factory farm life. Hens like JB are bred to lay about 20-times more eggs than a natural bird, and their bodies give out before they are 2 years old. When JB’s body got tired and her egg production slowed, she found herself in line for the slaughterhouse. We don’t know how she got loose, but as she stood on the truck bed, the next heavy steel crate full of chickens landed on her foot. She endured the ride to the slaughterhouse, trapped, her foot bleeding and mangled. Once the steel crate was removed at the slaughterhouse, her two rescuers at the vigil saw her, and whisked her away to safety. She was in shock and horrible pain when she arrived at Kindred Spirits Care Farm, so we got her to our wonderful vet right away. Within hours, she went into surgery to amputate her injured toe, but has since made a full recovery. Now she spends her days taking dust baths and chasing insects with her chicken companions. We hope, in time, she will forget the horrors of her previous life. Won’t you sponsor JB and help us make her previous life a far distant memory?



Like his friend Patty, Maxey was born destined to be someone’s dinner. He was at the slaughterhouse awaiting his execution, when a compassionate soul managed to pull him away from the jaws of death. He was only six weeks old, still had baby feathers and peeped like a baby birdy. But, as he was genetically programmed to do, he was already quite fat.  When he first arrived at Kindred Spirits Care Farm, Maxey was dirty, fat, had never touched the earth, seen the sunlight or eaten fresh food. He could barely walk a few steps without the need to rest.  Now, he lives in a garden, and is thriving on a nutritious but calorie restricted diet.  He walks in the fresh air all day and sleeps safely inside at night.  He gets fresh food every day and on weekends his rescuers come to visit him. Our precious Maxey is one of the sweetest birds ever.  He loves to snuggle and he naps in laps on a regular basis.  I just wish every chicken could have such love. They all deserve it. Please sponsor Maxey and help us keep him in healthy treats.


Pink is one of our little old lady hens.  When she first arrived, her feathers were a mess, her feet showed her age and her beak was broken.  But with good food, sunshine and love, this girl is blooming again.  Her feathers are perfect and she has a spring in her step.  She is in love with Prince Henry, the young rooster and they sit together on a regular basis.  Does that make her a cougar-hen? Pink’s beak may always be broken but at least her heart has mended.


Poindexter is big and satiny with iridescent green shimmering over his jet-black feathers.  We believe he is a Java rooster from his looks.  Not only is he beautiful, he is quite the gentleman.  He sings songs to his 5 southern belle companions and woos them all day long.  He waits to eat until they are finished and points out special goodies whenever he finds them.  Poindexter likes to be carried around the farm and we wonder if he is creating stories of his travels to tell his wives when he returns home? You can’t help but smile every time you see him. Will you help bring many more smiles to the farm by sponsoring Poindexter today?


Sparkles was abandoned as a tiny boy at the East Valley Shelter in Los Angeles.  Roosters are not welcome in the city.  Sparkles was twice lucky.  First because most people won’t bother taking an unwanted rooster to the local shelter.  And second because Sparkles is such a friendly guy that the shelter made a special plea to save his life.  He enjoys dancing with his hen, eating delicious treats, playing in the dirt and singing as the sun goes down. We are thankful that the shelter gave him a second chance and he is able to enjoy those things that most abandoned roosters will never know.  Please help us continue to provide a home for Sparkles and his friends by sponsoring Sparkles today. 


Yosemite is our stomping master. This big, feisty guy was thrown over the fence by a neighbor one night. When he showed up with broken toes we were concerned, but it became clear quickly that the bizarrely bent toes were old wounds and did not slow him down at all.  Yosemite is a roo with attitude.  He has more confidence and swagger than any other rooster on the farm.  Whenever he spies a person, he starts his stomping dance to show the world that he is king.  We will help us show him he is a king by sponsoring him today?