Abandoned by his people and waiting to die, Gordy got lucky and was rescued by an angel by the name of Andrew.  Andrew found Gordy a great home with a woman and her daughter who has Down’s syndrome.  Gordy was in hog heaven for years until the mother got cancer and could not cope with her illness, her daughter’s needs and Gordy at the same time.  Fortunately, Andrew came to his rescue again, but by this time Gordy was a nine-year-old, very chubby pig, and his chances for adoption were slim.  But the angels were on Gordy’s side again, because right about that time we started looking for a friend for Peanut.  Once we met Gordy, we knew resistance was futile.  Now he waddles around the farm getting more exercise than he probably prefers, but just enough to help him shed those extra pounds and keep him healthy. The school kids and visitors adore his gentle nature, and he will live at Kindred Spirits Care Farm, loved by all, for the rest of his days.


Like so many pigs of her kind, Peanut was purchased as a kids’ toy when she was tiny.  Her people had no idea how to raise a pig or what her needs were.  As she grew, the behaviors that were so cute when she was 15 pounds were no longer cute when she got to be 50 pounds, so they decided to dump her.  Luckily for our porcine wonder-girl, a fabulous pig rescuer heard of her plight and stepped in to save the day.  Now Miss Peanut is the queen of our farmyard.  She knows she is loved (adored may be a better word) and can be the piggy she was always meant to be.  She gets the best piggy food supplemented by lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  There is a mud hole for wading and trees for shade and plenty of friends of all types.  She is even learning how to become a therapy pig so she can brighten the days of people off the farm.