It seems like such a good idea at first.  Why not raise a tiny baby animal to show the little school children how animals grow up?  Baby animals are cute and harmless, and the kids will love it!  The only problem is, baby animals grow up and then they are adult animals who should live many years.  As adults they may not remain cute or harmless.  So, what do you do with the class goose once it has grown up?  Fortunately for this gorgeous guy, he got to come to the farm with his brother.  Very few class projects get this kind of happy ending.  This guy won the goosey lottery.  He gets to swim in a big pond, hang out in the shade with his brother and friends on hot days, play in the sprinklers and greet visitors with his amazing happy song.

Mama Goose

This lovely lady is the apple of Papa Goose’s eye.  She is his mate and his beloved.  She may not be dainty, and she may waddle pretty slowly on land, but get her in the water and she is the essence of grace.  She floats.  She glides.  She slides over the surface of the water like an angel.  No wonder he is crazy for her.

Papa Goose

Papa Goose takes his job very seriously.  He paired off with the big grey girl early in spring and no one is allowed to come near her.  He is her blue-eyed knight in shining armor, and is determined to protect her at all costs.  If anyone gets too close, he lowers that mighty beak like a lance and charges.  Once he has driven off the intruder, he runs back to her singing his mighty victory song.


Six geese divide themselves into 2 clans at the farm.  One clan includes Papa Goose and his 2 gray friends.  The other includes Ms. Patches and her 2 buddies.  Patches has intense blue eyes and loves lettuce so much that she will overcome her fear of people to gobble lettuce straight from your hands.   Her other favorite activity is to jump in her green kiddie pool and take a bath.  She may be the cleanest goose on the farm, maybe anywhere!


This handsome guy was raised with his brother by a school teacher as a school project, and like all school projects, they didn’t know what to do with him once he became an adult.  Luckily for this pair, they landed at the farm and get a pond to swim in, tall trees to shade them on hot days and an acre of ground to patrol every day.  Geese are amazing guardians.  They announce all newcomers to the farm with incredible honking and song.  They love people and come running to greet you, hoping that perhaps you brought them a special treat.